INspiration & Commonality @Alwin Nikolais

Its great to rediscover yourself through other peoples work! I was turned on to Alwin Nikolais by a friend who saw a commonality in our work. Wow, I’m so glad this was happening in the 1950’s and beyond .. sadly I’ll never get to truly meet the man according to wiki he’s moved on deceased May 8, 1993. His anniversary with death marks my discovery .. there are some great interviews on youtube to get a little more insight into the man!… ohhh *& I just found this a Summer Dance Intensive at Rutgers!

Heres a throwback one of my first projects in philly.. it uses Human Tubes & strange electronic sounds tooo..

& something a bit more modern.. a demo real to give myself some ideas..

More about Alwin Nikolais wiki:

Nikolais employed lights, slides, electronic music, and stage props to create environments through which dancers moved and, more important, into which they blended (Dance Magazine). He would commonly use props with esthetic as well as functional purposes, for instance, a traveler moving across the stage would hide a crossing and simultaneously create a volume of motion. His production MASKS, PROPS, and MOBILES was accredited to have created and popularized modern multimedia theater (Mazo, Joseph), although, some critics rejected Nikolais work as dance, especially when Nikolais transformed the bodies of dancers by covering them in plastic bags that would stretch and change shapes in Noumenon; a section from Masks, Props and Mobiles (1953). He avoided overused themes like psychosexuality, good vs. evil, or heroes and heroines.Instead, he chose to move away from the life of the individual and focus on group action. He preferred also to develop his own style of movement, and not to replicate the moves of previous time periods or other composers.


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