Juggling – Hula Hoops – Mural Art Tour – Philadelphia

Here’s a fellow Steve Baggs from the UK whose got the Hula Hoop bug & has had it for some time! Check out his Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/steve2bags

Stumbled on this video a few months ago and it fueled my inspiration for Hoop juggling! I’ve started a Juggling meets Philadelphia Mural Arts ToUr which consists of Object Manipulation performances in front of beautiful Philly Murals. http://explorer.muralarts.org/

Here’s a Hoop & more practice session on our Mural Tour!

Some would say that the Hoop represents our journey through the circle of life. Our continuing experience collecting our memories, our goals and our life’s dreams. Beautifully inspired by Native American Culture & Hoop Dance!

This might give some thought into Hooping popularity & I’ll end this with a quote from Wham-O the first American Hoop supplier.

Quoting Dan Rodick, director of sports promotion at Wham-O, “There is no other product that gives me as much fear and respect for the power of mass culture as the hula hoop.”

Wham-O sold 25 million in the first four months and over 100 million in its first year 1958.


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