Flowers of Life. a Tribute to the Oregon Country Fair

Flowers of Life. a Tribute to the Oregon Country Fair

The Anything Project & Bujee Magoo

Flowers of Life.
a tribute to the Oregon Country Fair Fan Page .lol.

July 11, 12, 13
Doors open at 7:30 with performances starting at 8.
$5-15 suggested donation
at the ThRift STore.
1608 n. 21st St.

A Multi-media Performance Art Installation including..
Puppet Parades & Stilt Walking Interactive theater Flow Arts & juggling Professor Jibber-Jabber Galactic Awareness Seminar Live Music & sound Collage + special guest performances

More Info @


Anything Project_____ will be playing host for this Philly Country Fair and will be presenting his performance of “The Galactic Awareness Seminar” A multi-media presentation including projections, music/soundscapes, puppets and object manipulation wrapped around a TED talk / Magic school bus adventure.

The Galactic Awareness Seminar’s stage is being set!

Bujee Magoo_______ The Bujees have broken up !! Come walk through the enchanted land they’ve created in the “Bujee Puppet Museum”. Look out for Improve puppet hour where you’ll have the chance to produce your very own puppet adventure in our classic pop-up puppet suitcases. Also .. some Clown Babes might be floating around so if you see a sassy lassy prepare to be washed in a mist of spontaneous performances.

This may be your last time to walk through the Bujee Trash Puppet Museum!


Thrift Store _________ has been host to a grand underground scene of great musicians, roller discoZ… uh Artists. The Thrift store Junkies have put together an installation of geometric oddities for your viewing please. and of course almost everything is for sale at a bargain price.

Music & Other Performances________ There will be a guest musician each evening playing next to the dragon within the enchanted grove. ALso Dance & Circus performances TBA once confirmed.

Thursday: Local music by the Global Gardeners

Friday: TBA

Saturday: TrainWrek the South Street “Jam band”!

<<<<>>>>________ Inspired by the spirit of the fair this event will allow you to volunteer yourself at any moment to play a part in flash mobs, parades, dance troupes and other improv performances. Just direct yourself to our volunteer center, you’ll be led back stage where you’ll be prepped and transformed.

Still Interested? If you’d like to volunteer to be apart of the infrastructure of this event contact:
We will be meeting Wednesday July 10th at 7pm for a little rehearsal.



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