Burning<MAn & BeYond 2013.

Well life can take you to some unexpected places. I’ve been traveling since the beginning of August and am currently in Tapachula, Chiapas Mexico. Reflecting on life, visiting my father, Circus training and just free time to think. I’d like to take a step back though and do a bit of writing on the Origins of this grand adventure. In the end its just a few of the overwhelming experiences I’ve had but will do to remind me of my experience and hopefully inspire yours!

Burning Man 2013

Life is Animated Water.
I’m no longer a virgin! What a way to start a trip. Pleasantly transported across the country in a Bounder Kangaroo theme d RV with 2 of my dad’s “closest friends” from Rochester, NY. Between other ROC city tag along-s, hitchhiker’s from Canada and a couple of legs on the RV (wavy gravy – drive an RV through the midwest and you’ll get it) we were well into Reno Nevada. Genisis. Heading into the Garden of Eden. Something like 10hrs trolling into the desert. One will call ticket and swimming in the dirt. I AM NO LONGER A VIRGIN!.

Thank U for that RV. sleeping wouldn’t have been as kind without plus something to call a home-base. I immediately get on a yellow bike (its actually green) and head off for my first ride. This imagination city station reminds me of Philly. Biking from Kenzington into nOrthern liberties into Downtown to South st. Except your in a Salvador Dali Painting waiting to make friends with the hands of a clock. I troll along with the other fish in the sea (like 50 other bikers) following the loudest flashiest . RV Disco DJ stage boat thing I’ve ever seen. Dancing on your bike with the other tad-poles hoping and bopping on the bumpy desert floor. watch out for that sand pit! it will bring you to a grinding halt. Wow seriously fun! only an hour or so into this mess. A fantasy dream land perfect for creative thinkers tinkers and doers . it feels good to have a home. One could write a novel about their experience at just one burning man! tis crazy. every moment is rigged for magical unforeseen experience.

I’ll just name a few. finding friends from philly. never thought that would happen this place is huge 68,000 people its a city alright! All in the desert.. a Roller Disco. A skate park. bumper cars. bowling. DDR. flaming tight-wire act. THUNDER DOME )seriously just like in the movie(madmax)). Giant F-ing Man on a UFO. Jesus. God. A sudsy dome to shower with dancing naked people. Facebook Mayan temple. A million things to climb, play or dance on.

I did cut my finger deep enough to get 5 stitches on a giant sculpture .believe. on day 3. That brought me back to reality pretty fast. I saw jesus in the distance with his cross trekking across the playa. it seemed very symbolic. my friends helped me walk through the minimal dust storms to get first aid. YES they have a hospital at burning man. with drugs, doctors, waiting rooms. air condition!! A girl next to me had broken her elbow. sad. she had to get shipped out of the desert for a cast. Then a guy “who took” a bicycle spoke to the groin. actually right next to his members only club. and it would squirt blood randomly. Great conversation in the hospital @burningMan. I’ve never had stitches before and it was my nurses first time as well. twas interesting. I tried watching close for a minute but had to look away, made me a bit queazy. stitched and bundled I was sent on my way with an extra big ring finger. Married to the “Man” in retrospect.

I spent a lot of time at center camp watching the countless shows (she’s excited from Germany. Gamalon Marching Band) , talks and dancing through the week. Visiting the Vulcan crew Juggling props and workshops indeed. An evening of Stilting in Costume to add my flair to the festivities. Met cute girls at the Irish & Welsh Camp did some traditional dancing and threw a Hefty Shaft some unknown yardage. I performed at the Center Camp stage the last day of the burn due to a scheduling mix up. Yes a volunteer stage all you have to do is ask! I was on a different planet and the elements had taken their toll but twas fun!
ie. Watch the Video.

I’m not going to write about it atm. but ask your friends what the BurningMan “Casino afterparty” is like! lol.

Tahoe FLow Festival

I happened along this gathering Randomly but boy do I love finding people spinning things in the park. Center your Chi Chica! Beautiful.Lake. Beach.Mountains. SurfBoard Yoga. the west coast is a drastic change from the industrial machine mind of the east. I worked out a trade for a day of workshops to open the gala show Stilt Walking and clowning around with the attendees. Our back drop was the beach and beautiful lake Tahoe. Amazing performances. So many performing couples.. geeezzz with my recent break up.

This guy Jonathan Alveraz brought tears to my eyes with his choice of music and sheer emotion.. and wtf. when did peeps start playing with 3 poi?. Check out his performance here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHfdbdAwISI

Pacific Fire Gathering

My first west coast fire gathering with a rideshare out of San Francisco. 12 straight hours to the coast (not to far from Portland) and about 20+ splifs later. I was designated splif roller for the ride. We missed some of the opening cermony which included a fire walk but wow is this place magical. A regional boy scout camp that could house idk. all the boyscout troups on the west coast for their annual summit meeting?. Oh and the Oregon Coast is breathtaking! (Flashback.. every little cell, every little cell is happy and well. standing in the back of our Uhaul taxi with a dozen others wavying goodbye to our faboulous forest adventure. ).

My roadbuddy and I nessled into Pirate Camp . This makes me want to raid the nearby camps, throwing toilet paper and eggs .. ARrrrg. A pirate’s life for me. 2 grand Days of workshops followed by an evening show. 1 indoor flow – 1 outdoor fire. My first authentic experience with a fire Circle and my favorite experience?. Clown takeover.

A take over in this context refers to a group of enthusiasts holding the line up until the circle is close to empty, then run in with all your, staff spinning friends, poi comrades , pirates groupies or in the case clown friends. Picture 50+ characters with fire ablaze portraying the exaggerated rainbow of emotions and well. being clowns. but your completely surrounded by fire! strangers acting like “idiots”. very safe knowledgeable idiots but wHoa! Great environment for exploration, allowing myself to act the fool with fire staffs in hand. nothing my mama would let me do thats for sure. Oh & yes a “special person” did have a “fire hat” running around like a lunatic (his head was on fire after all). Moral of the story, Be a Clown. It solves so many of life’s problems.

Portland Juggling Festival

After Pacific Fire I decided to stick around Portland for the next two weeks. I got a tip on the upcoming Portland Juggling Festival. Many thanks to all the friends letting me crash and to the community as a whole for having something to do -flow wise- almost every evening.

Sam you have boundless energy with a soul to boot! Love your music. Love the vibe. I’d probably do anything for you! & thanks for holding on to my stilts. I have stilts in Portland if your interested! Will & Willow for a young couple your rad as hell! Taking me up to the Rose Garden & sharing your bed! I love climbing trees but Will taught me how all over again. He went to the top an easy 5-story trek! Kurt. Thanks for showing me the town and that split tongue Rob Zombie chick at the strip club, Introducing me to Charlie Brown who I’ve seen at the Oregon Country Fair and loved! It always feels good to have home town friends along your travels ! Caroline your the best. forever!. I’m gonna stop this rant of thankfulness but of course there are countless magic elves who helped me along my way, many thanks!

My Stilts payed off again getting me a free pass to the Juggling Fest. and Gala Show!. Yes I did my part, Stilting pre-show shenanigans. Friday night I performed in the Renegade show! “The Temple of the Galactic Ball”! Contestants Run the gauntlet of silly tricks and diversions. Make your way through the audience and reach the infamous Galactic Ball! with a finale hoop juggling trick ta’boot!

thats where this story ends and another Begins. Till then! ttys.<3


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