Symbiosis NOw!


The Anything Project Presents :

4 nights of Interactive Fringe Theater featuring: Puppets – Juggling – Flow – Technology – Music – Science – Adventure. Special Guests TBA!

Symbiosis NOW!
surviving the establishment.

In the midst of a global uprising, the Establishment has discovered the next key to maintaining civil rest, rooted in the symbiotic relationship between a Giant Albino Ant and a white fungus, the Ant-idote. The MadSkillz Lab is on it! Tracking, experimenting and hopefully finding the keys to understanding sustained life on this planet!

Meet the team!

Field Agent Wiz Kid – Circus Boy – Job Description: manipulate matter to creating fields of energy to attract our giant friend.

The World Famous Inventor most known for his “Resonator Combobulator” – Professor Jibber-Jabber – Job Description: Head of scientific study and experimentation.

Our Public Relations and Pop Icon of the future touring with his audience powered band – James Rhinoceros – Job Description: I can’t help but wonder?

Can they save the planet? Probably not, but you can!

The Anything Project is a pet project of multi-media artists James Ryan (also co-creator of who seeks to create atmosphere where the feeling that anything can happen suddenly takes over your body and your compelled to shape the moment right now! Anything – Anywhere – Anyone!

Symbiosis Now! is an ambitious “ONE-MAN SHOW” involving juggling, object manipulation, puppets, projections, 3D mapping, Dance, Music and all kinds of audience participation to fill in the blanks!

Prior note worthy shows!
Countless reincarnations of the “Professor Jibber-Jabber & his Resonator Combobulator”

The Lemurian Solution: your interactive evolution. A Philly Fringe Classic at the Philadelphia Magic Gardens.

The MadSkills Laboratory. inspiring Symbiosis now merging Flow Arts with theater and interactive performance.

Mr. & Mrs. Magoo’s Traveling Trash Puppet Circus. I was in love once.


questions > ? or your very excited about the show . or you’d like to participate. Call james 585.489.9848.


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