MayFlora IV – 2013 – Workshop Promo



Wow, MayFlora Fest IV Kicked Ass! SO many great peoples and performances!
I’ll be posting more pictures soon! Until then Check out:

A preview of my workshop warm-up from the fest!~

Creative Object Play:
The basics (& more) of moving objects through space (all objects/toys/props welcome. ex: hula-hoops, balls, staffs, sticks, fans). Dealing with balance, creative movement, flow & dealing gravity(juggling). Medicinal forms of play (mind, body, spirit). Also touching on creative object design i.e. make a toy just for you.


A dance warm-up derived from developmental movement patterns during the first 0-12 months of life. Including objects for creative fun!

Benefits of the BrainDance include:

Neurological Re-Patterning: re-mapping the brain to develop better proprioception, balance, attention, memory, eye-tracking, behavior, sensory integration, and motor skills.

Body Connectivity and Alignment: becoming aware of the visceral & muscular systems that support the body, leading to correct use of body structures, helping children move with ease and coordination. Increased blood and oxygen flow to the respiratory system and brain leading to improved focus and attention.

Broad Assessment: becoming aware of children with sensory and motor deficits, which may manifest in social, emotional, physical, or cognitive delays or difficulties.

If you’d like to read more about this check out:

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